Owning and enjoying the loyalty of a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s hard to feel alone when you have a dog around. Just watch it bark at plantain trees, go around the house in circles and finish off your food. The natural affection of dogs and their willingness to bond is just unimaginable.

Why would a creature be so loyal? Is it because they depend on us for food and shelter? Well, I believe they were created that way; to feel and to love. Mistreat a dog a hundred times, it would return a hundred and two times with a olive branch in its jaws.

According to medicine, oxytocin, a hormone, peaks in both people and their dogs when there is a positive interaction; which ranges from teaching them to fetch toys to teaching them vocabulary. This hormone counteracts the effect of stress hormone: cortisol, and lightens the burden of visiting the hospital frequently.

The brain of a human is dominated by the visual cortex which buttresses the point – you are what you see, however the brain of a dog is controlled mainly by what it smells. There are many published studies that prove dogs can detect cancer through breath samples and hypoglycemic episodes just by sniffing their owners. Such wonderful creatures!

Dogs spend hours everyday playing with no regard for time. The other hours they relax or wag their tails because they are often ecstatic for no apparent reason. Life does not have to be a hard and fast rule that you feel so serious about everything. You can steal just a bit of their humor.

It is known dogs process emotional sounds as humans do. They tend to listen without judging! Just keep ranting and your dog would tilt its head and watch you in a priceless way, genuinely caring about your feelings.

Get a puppy today and watch its amazing transformation into your best friend.