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Finding inspiration

In the midst of objection

Channels affection to the meaningless

And attention to the profitless

The feelings that envelope

The optimism that elopes

Succumb to the fear of annihilation

And the distress of renunciation

The silence of withdrawal

Reaches out to the voice of laxity

The utterance of affinity

Fetches an audience of insensitivity

The leaf that floats on the river of desolation

Hitches on the rock of expectation

Exalting its feet of abjection

Magnifying its air of inclination.

Well, this is my first ever poem I’m writing after I had inspiration from Jess, Obed and Josephine. I never thought of writing a poem in the first place.I think it’s an effort, I tried! I’m hoping my next poems would be better than this one.

Eliezer Bernard Owusu Ntim

Photocredit: GoogleImages

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  1. Very good effort for a first poem. Poetry is simply prose that is direct and emotion based. Take out ‘the’ ‘and’ ‘of’ ‘to’. Reduce the poem to the essence of your thoughts. You mentioned above to feel free to correct and shape your poem, so I took the liberty of doing so. I hope that is okay. Best wishes in your future poetry. I also love basketball.

    In objection’s midst, found
    inspiration channeled,
    affection for meaningless,
    profitless gain attention

    eloped with optimism
    feelings enveloped, succumb
    to fear, distressed annihilation
    renunciation of hope

    silence withdraws support
    voice of laxity outreach
    utterances without affinity
    insensitive audience fetched

    upon turbid desolation, leaf
    floats, river parts rock, expectations
    hitch at exalted feet, abjection
    magnifies air of inclination

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