I have come across different people, rich and poor, from different walks of life; either being wheeled into the emergency department, or strolling across the out patient department – All in search of one thing – A healing hand.

In consulting room, one day I came in contact with a 56 year old woman, who complained of the sudden yellowish discoloration of her eyes, some months ago; with associated symptoms of vomiting, and pain in her abdomen. Her question was “Would I get healed?”

A 58 year old man came to the consulting room on a different day. He appeared a bit confused, and had sustained weakness of his left arm and leg, as a result of a hit he had to his head , a couple of months ago. He kept blabbering until her wife posed the question “Would he get healed?”

A 26 year old man was rushed to the emergency department because he did not make complete sense, anytime he uttered a statement; he was not oriented in time, person and place even though his consciousness was not impaired; this was not from intoxication with alcohol/ drugs nor was it from overflow of the Holy Spirit, but just an imbalance of brain messengers. His parents watch sadly as he is given the first shot of injection to calm him down – after he had been tied to the bed. His parents then ask, Would he get well?

A 2 year old girl was rushed to the emergency department, some few minutes before my shift ended; having continuous seizures. The gyrations being brandished by the child, stripped her mother of her morality, that she reported to the hospital with her towel around her waist, in a swift, asking if her child would get well?

A 44 year old woman was seen in the consulting room with complaints of severe pain in both knees; which kept radiating to her thighs. Her last resort was the hospital, because the different prayer camps she had been to, had already failed her; and made the pain worse. The different concoctions she had ingested, caused a myriad of complications that you never imagined. She’s before you today, Doctor. Would she get well?

A 15 year old boy, exploring youthful buoyancy, fell off the back of a big tricycle he had lodged on, with the prospect of getting a fast ride back home. The fastest ride he had was in the back of an ambulance. Quite an unusual mechanism of injury ensued; he hit his head on the hard coated ground after he was ejected of the tricycle. As a sequel – breaking his skull and injuring his brain (evidenced by leaking of brain matter through the hole on his forehead. As you hurriedly bring the consent form required for surgery, his mother looks down on his son and looks back at you in the eye, and ask “Would my son ever return back to normal?”

They have questions.. we all do have questions? But who actually does the healing? It is the doctor you are entrusting your life to? Or God, who has already began the healing process, waiting for you to ask- so it’s granted. Jeremiah 30:17 says He would give us back our health and heal our wounds, once we ask.

It is not the Creator’s purpose that we shall be burdened with pain, nor his great plan for us be curtailed by disease.

I have seen many miracles happen for which I would not cease to give him the praise. Your life is a testimony, my life is a testimony. When you wake up to a new day, do not think it is something expected. There are so many people who passed on during their sleep. It is through mercy and grace, you are alive.

When you have breath and life, please give thanks to your Creator; for He is the one who heals your disease – Your healer!

Enjoy the rest of your day


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Medical Doctor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Tech Activist and Prolific Writer.

3 thoughts on “HEALING”

  1. Wonderful writing! You really have a gift and a wonderful calling in life.
    Keep up the vital work that God has given you!

    God Bless from the United Kingdom

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  2. Jux dis mrng a father came to me with fear in his eyes n trembling in his voice,asking de same question.It’s sad hw situations n circumstances today has made us put more confidence in man than in he who is able to do exceedingly n abundantly above all dat we cud ever ask or think…………God help us all

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