There are times I want to detach the strings of my heart from yours – but you never let go. I have despised you, denied your presence, mocked your essence and even denounced You, but you held me tight. Things slipped away and did not go my way, but you still waved when i faltered.

You are a God who wants to be my friend and yearns to be my friend. You want every breath of mine to be filled with a talk from You.

You have made me understand I do not need any groundbreaking rituals and floor splitting ceremonies just to get to know You.

There’s no need to rant the Bible like a clanging cymbal or a resounding brass if I do not have the spirit of love. Even in the quiet moments of meditation, You are right here with me.

You cleansed my scarlet stained life and made it as a white as snow.

You ousted the spirit of addiction and restored Your spirit of love.

You bridged the gap by dying on the cross to pay for my froth.

You mounted that pillar of hope, when friends crushed my life.

You embalmed me with the incense of grace to finish the race.

You split the veil from top to bottom just to give me that confidence to approach your throne without fear and trembling.

You filled my mouth with a new song of praise.

You saved me from the wiles of evil when shame had been projected out of me.

You have clasped me and held me in your hands like a priceless gem.

Who would comprehend why a God like you, would want a friend like me?

I lost my way; groping in the dark and faltering in stark dust, but you brought me back to you by calling out my name in the secret places.

You raised me up from the shadows of affliction and the meadows of depression.

It is difficult to fathom how an invisible and perfect God can love a finite and fallible being like me.

Help me review Your word of truth!

Help me meditate on Your word day and night. My soul longs for You!

You cherish the daily devotionals I learn from you, the appointments I schedule with you and the conversations I engage in with You.

You advise me against using a great multiplicity of words in prayer, just to show off; teaching me how to pray from the heart.

You wish I would turn common places into communion places just to dine with You.

I desire to understand every secret of this life you have hidden from me, a mere mortal.

I desire to speak to you through this prayer and hear your voice today.

Knowing you and loving you would forever be my greatest privilege!



  1. Reina says:

    Soul lifting. Beautiful

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    1. Eliezer says:

      Thanks Reina

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Reina says:

        My pleasure


  2. Jess says:


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  3. Reggie German says:

    Wonderful writing!

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    1. Eliezer says:

      Thank you


      1. Reggie German says:

        It was my pleasure, Eliezer! I enjoyed reading that.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Eliezer says:

      Thank you!


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