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It was one very hot afternoon… Never mind.. Not a story day. I started my cardio workouts today. I feel it would be a great time to catch some air from the pollution caused by the stress of work. I know it won’t be easy compounding the long hours spent at work, with the albatross of workouts. But… I want to enjoy the long life Daddy has promised me with health. I would do my best to take care of this body, which is his earthly temple. Daddy emphasizes the importance of exercise but He urges us to blend it with a life of righteousness.

I have read on the benefits of cardio workouts. Cardio in medicine refers to the heart, so a cardio workout is any form of exercise that aims to boost the heart in super mode; further increasing the supply of blood to the rest of your body.

I know I have to be determined and dedicated to this cause. The life expectancy of people found in my part of the world, seems to decrease as the earth keeps rotating and revolving. Just enter any dark place at night; hit me down if you don’t leave with a smoked puffed face or, reek off the stench of alcohol.

Lets go to cardio workouts. Body builders do not often hop on the treadmill with the fear it would zap their gains and make them lose their hard earned muscles.

But don’t fret!

Running is the best cardiovascular exercise I have always found to be a great stress reliever. Just put your headphones in, let the music flow and start running at your own pace. Before you know it, you’ll have hit the reset button on your hassle levels, leaving you super recharged and back on track.

Cardio exercise has many benefits

Bearing these benefits in mind, why not purchase a pair of jogging boots. Contact me if you need a pair of quality boots for as low as 50 GH CEDIS.

Me after 30minutes on Day 1 of the 30 day treadmill run. Ignore the heavy metals in the background. I am allergic to them.

Day 5 of Cardio. I have combined lifting weights with cardio

Want to start a perfect cardio workout at home. This video would be the best to start with.

Get your shoes on, reduce the alcohol and cigarettes intake, and flush out the heavy toxins damaging your body with cardio workouts.


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