Some weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a basketball seminar being held at Ejisu Model School. A 10 year anniversary to commemorate how influential Shoot for Life Ministries have been in the lives of young leaders through basketball. I had the opportunity to meet Pastor Roxane from the USA basketball team.

Basketball is a sport I love so much because unlike football which focuses so much on the teamwork of 11 players to put a ball in the net. Basketball usually takes the effort of one dominant person, to make game changing plays. Clutch shots? Pump fakes? In and Outs? 360s? 3 point shots? One player. This shows my love for basketball.

Not to digress from the topic, Shoot for Life has the purpose of raising young visionary leaders by inculcating basketball into them from the start. Get them through basketball and preach the word of God, so they do not depart from it.

The word of God is shared and the children are taken through drills to make them better basketball players with the hope they are sent out of the country to play basketball and help in propagating the word of God. I hope Ghanaian leaders could also start a wonderful initiative like this. Whether it be, hockey, basketball or football because we can not let all these amazing talents go waste.

Their mission is to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches

This is their website

Website :

Picture of trophies they have won over the past few years

Below is a picture of my coach and I. Berchie.

David Dompey my basketball role model. I see you! Respect!

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