In my devotional today, I learnt that community is necessary for growth as a believer. Fellowship is the hallmark of Christians. It is essential that we encourage each other in our day-to day activities and our walk as Christians.

Seeking God is a conscious effort. It is just like growing up. It is normal to fall when you try to walk for the first time. It is more of a journey rather than a destination. Everyone has their misgivings and that is what makes us human. It is totally normal for us Christians to falter sometimes. There is no need to be so hard on yourself. When you sidetrack, kneel and go before God in total reverence to Him. Acknowledge your imperfections and ask Him to strengthen you and give you the grace to continue this walk of Faith. There is no one perfect. Not even one.

Even in your pain and anguish, you know God is keeping you strong and opening new doors for you. It may not be evident, and you may not understand what you are going through. But in the end, it will make sense. Remember you are inscribed in the palm of His hands, He knows your every being and has destined you for great things. New opportunies, better connections and above all grace!

It is through grace you have been saved and not by your own strength. If it had been your strength, trust me, you would have faltered a long time ago.

As you step into today, it is my prayer that He gives you the grace to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. May Joy fill our hearts and mouth. And may favour locate us wherever we find ourselves.

Have a blessed Saturday!

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