Knowledge is the principal thing. In all thy getting, get knowledge and above all, get understanding. My devotion this morning emphasizes how God expects us to beg for knowledge not search for knowledge. This means he is the source of all knowledge.

Many of us want to live life on the edge and experience all there is. Yet we have been instructed to choose prudence, otherwise we always tumble into a trap. Prudence is defined as “the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason”. This also refers to the skilled use of good judgment in the use of resources.

The Book of Proverbs says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Fear in this parlance, is defined as profound reverence and awe toward God. This means we are aware of his virtues and we practice the things that make Him happy. As we do this, he floods us with his rain and fills our thirst with a downpour of insight. All his decrees are road-tested and does not leave us disappointed. In fact, He becomes our personal teacher, assistant and guide.

As we wait to be found by Him, He reveals himself to us when we search for him with all our heart. Like the parable of the lost coin, He expects us to seek him like we try to find hidden treasure; especially in the dark. Then we will succeed in learning about God and knowing all His ways. For it is the Lord who gives wisdom and from Him, comes knowledge and understanding.

In our dealings with people, He wants us not to take advantage of the weak and the weary, the poor and the innocent. We are to treat others fairly and engage with a community of believers(people testified to be of good conduct and unquestionable character) which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The wisdom we will gain will be like a fragrant incense which rises pleasingly to the Lord. The insight we will gain will provide us with a long, pleasing and happy life. We will not be afraid when we go to bed and we will sleep soundly through the night, because we know who has got us! The joy we will experience would be more than we have ever imagined with our corn and wine.

The knowledge we will gain directs our steps and teaches us what we have to do. For there is a time of planting and there is a time of harvest. For it is a disgrace to sleep through the time of harvest. It is time for us to reap bountifully from everything we have sown from the beginning of our lives.

Wisdom calls out to us like a shield and treasure. It helps us make the hard choices that go against our desires. It should be our guide and direction. Whoever finds wisdom finds life and gains favor in the sight of God and man.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Monday.


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