It is with the mind that we serve the Lord. The mind is indeed a battlefield. I have realized that in our walk with God we need to be transformed by the renewal of our minds daily. The Christian walk is a life-long journey.  Being a Christian does not make you immune to the normal mood changes that affect people. There are times you will feel angry, happy and sad. But the Bible says it is normal to get angry, but the sun should not set on your anger.  Even in your anger, you should not sin. Do you know how intense this is? We have found people commit acts of betrayal in their bouts of anger. This should not be our portion.

People universally think Christians are timid; probably because the temperament the Holy Spirit fills us with; the temperament of peace and long-suffering. I wonder if there’s anything like that. But we are being encouraged to have the mind of Christ in everything that we do and anyone that we encounter. We should ask ourselves, will our leader act this way if He was in our shoes?  That’s difficult! We should not think of ourselves highly that we should, but be modest in our thinking and judge ourselves according to the measure of faith God has distributed to each of us.

Faith is an important measure in our journey with God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God, for whoever approaches His throne must believe that He is fully capable of rewarding your action of faith. It is just like knowing an authority figure can help you out with a request and paying a visit to his quarters. It is likely your request might be granted. However, we are being encouraged to be careful of the things that we pray or ask for, because we might get them.

Being a man in our part of the world is not an easy task. We are really taught not to make demands or nag, neither are we taught to express emotions. It is expected of us to employ that stoic attitude no matter the change in tide of whatever circumstances surround us. This subjects us more to intense nervous breakdowns and other debilitating health issues. But who the Son sets free is free indeed. This includes taking our thoughts captive and demolishing any arguments and false pretensions that exalt itself against the knowledge of Christ. This demands that we surrender our entire being to God to be used effectively by Him. From this stance, the battle has already been won, and victory is ours.

The Bible admonishes us not to fight with weapons of this world, but with weapons of the spirit. Before we fight, we are to protect ourselves with the full armor that we can use to extinguish whatever battle tactics are cast our way. The weapons we fight with are mighty through God to pull down strongholds. This includes preformed mindsets that go contrary to the word of God. We are to adopt a mindset of abundance and believe that God can provide for all our needs according to his riches in glory. So ask!

My favorite verse is found in Philippians. “Do not worry about anything, but with everything with prayer and supplication, submit your requests before God, and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”  This verse has the power to calm me down anytime I feel anxious. With this, I know whether I need rain or shine, I just have to go to the Father in prayer, and his fresh fire shall fall down heaven. For He is the only one who can rain down food on a desert, in the midst of a famine, and pour down his dew when there is a heavy drought. He gives perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm.

Our thoughts define who we are. We have been given an amazing brain which is efficient at multitasking, and this includes thinking. Anytime our thoughts lead us down a spiral, our attitudes follow. Like a car tire stuck in a deep rut of mud, we find ourselves unable to drive out. We are to think positive thoughts and filter out the negative ones; otherwise we become prisoners held captive in a cage of disbelief, believing the lies which affect everything and everyone around us.

We have been given the mind of Christ. This means we are heirs to the throne. To dig out the rut, we have to find scriptures and the truth that helps us overcome the rut of lies. When negative thoughts come, we have to redirect and train our minds to think the right thoughts. Find freedom in the truth and His words and believe they are for you.

Who we allow in our life and personal inner circles affects our gratitude quotient and the type of thoughts we think on a daily basis. Good company always produces good character.

May we find the peace to live out today to the fullest, and be productive in all our endeavors.

Have a wonderful day!


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