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Humans are not static, we grow everyday!

This blog is a picture of my life in words. Feel free to like, comment and share

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  1. Hello dear,

    How are you doing ? Great blog you got here. I loved the theme. What’s it’s name ? The color tone is pretty easy on the eyes. The content is great too. I am a aspiring fiction writer. I started this blog in October, and my blog posts started flowing on 15th October almost. Since then I have been able to gather some 3,600 followers. I thought I will never get more than two, that too my friends. I love one thing about blogging community is that it’s very helping and cooperative. Always giving each other a leg up with reblog so and pong backs, or just being guest bloggers on each other’s blog. I myself have been guest blogging and have had guest bloggers on mine. I have been blessed enough to have some collaboration too. As of now I write for a E-Zine named Agnishatdal, a Webzine named Candles Online , a digest named The Millionaires Digest, a book review site called BooknVolume and I am also in collaboration with Madame Roberta Pimental. I am eager to find more people who can collaborate with me and we can help each other out. This is way to grow for them both. I saw your site and wondered if you would like to write post for me or go into collaboration. You will be a regular author till collaboration ends. I don’t have a big protocol to write if you agree. I can mail the details to you if you are interested. Also I will be writing for you as often as you want and follow all your protocol concerning word limit, topic and pictures etc. I would be honoured if you oblige me. After all blogging is all about spreading the word and getting more readers. A writer is never satisfied, he/she wants their work to reach maximum readers. This attempt of mine is a step in same direction. Hope you will reply to my request and let me know the follow up.
    Warm Regards

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    • Great.. i love this “A writer is never satisfied” The current theme is Revelar and thanks for the compliments. I would love to write and go ‘collabo’. kindly email me the details so we bring out the best to the writers’ community. Thanks for reaching out. Sakhi

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  2. Thank you so much for following my blog. I hope you will become a regular reader and will benefit from the things you find here. The best of success with your blog!


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