MY JOURNEY WITH HOLY SPIRIT (Guest post by Mary Magdalene)

Senior High School

I started my relationship with Holy Spirit in St. Louis Senior High School. At that time, my father was going through a bit of a struggle and I didn’t want to be a burden to him. I had made a terrible decision to combine my chopbox with a friend’s and when my provisions finished, I couldn’t call home. I was sad and I remembered that daddy had told me that if I ever wanted to change and be a better human, I should start by reading the “Book of Proverbs”.

I came across Wisdom and I prayed for that Friendship and then someway somehow, I believed that I was never alone and that I had a Friend with me and that was when I starting fellowshiping with Holy Spirit.

Prior to this, I remember when I was in class 6, I heard Someone share His heart with me. He asked me, “Why is it that when people have problems, they tell their friends about it and then their friends give them bad advice and then they come to me when things go bad?” I remember that question so well and I will never forget it. I didn’t see Who asked that question. I didn’t hear a voice like you would if I had called you. But, I heard Him and I knew it was Him and not me. I knew it was the Lord even when I didn’t know Him…but my spirit did. I believe my spirit has always been in tune with His. My spirit has been His from the very beginning.

I knew He was with me in the times when I was crying in the woods and and pitying myself for my mistakes. I know He was that Friend Who was with me in the darkness when I thought no one saw me. I walked a lot by myself and I prayed (actually talked to Him a lot). I recall how once, a Priest Uncle of mine told me that if I didn’t take care, someone would say I was going mad…hahaha Glory to Jesus !!!

Trust me when I say that He stood by my side through it all. When I was appointed as the Head Girl of my school and I didn’t know what to do, He led me. He took control. I did nothing. He did everything. My Headmistress praised us for the work. I praise Him because I know I did nothing. He Is my Friend and He helped me.

When WASSCE came and all others were chasing after questions, He taught me and He helped me maintain my resolve to not cheat. He was with me when others were wailing because of a Physics paper that didn’t go well, I was filled with joy even when I knew i wrote nothing. For my final paper, in which I had ten days to prepare for and the one for which I had worked so hard to study for, I went in the exam hall and I went blank. I believed in myself that I had studied and prepared myself adequately. But, I entered and I went totally blank not being able to do a thing. I am learning right now that He never wanted me to do things by my own strength. Lord, have mercy.

University and the life after

I kept hearing Him direct me. He told me to leave the drama ministry and join the music ministry. I suffered a major attack that led me to denounce God. I know I hurt Him and I know He wanted me to believe that He Is Able to work things out for my good. This singular act put me in a dark place… a very dark place. It is well.

He brought me out from that dark place and I had to learn to trust Him.

Over these years, if there be anything He keeps echoing to me concerning my life and my destiny, it is the simple phrase, “Trust Me”.

I am learning to trust Him.

I am learning to run to Him first.

And now, I am learning what it means to be Partnered with Him.

I am grateful Jesus.


I pray this piece blesses you enough to BELIEVE that there Is A Friend that sticks closer than a brother.

With love,

Mary Magdalene.

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RELATIONSHIP (Guest post By Josephine)


As simple as the word implies, – a simple ship that carries on board the people we relate to. In this ship, we, you and I are the Captains. And so must we be cautious who we let on board because there is no doubt somewhere along the journey they could be a raging storm.

Flashback and this was me!

Everyone was a friend. I couldn’t differentiate who to share a dream with and who to simply smile at, who to reveal vulnerability to and who to simply say a good morning.

Making friends out of people is a good thing but I have always weighed the word ” Friend” in a lot of cases.

I’ve met acquaintances who often complain how bad my relationship seems to be with them because I couldn’t seem to feed them with ” exclusive attention” and honestly that is how I have loved to let certain encounters be.

There have been friendships I have worked heaven and earth to belong to, an exact spot, without thinking if there was a seat for me. I had taught maybe the “me” possibly could revolve around the “them”. How pathetic it feels not to know where to get attention from and not.

Sometimes we handle co-workers like they are personal friends and no doubt we open ourselves up for the possibilities of offenses and betrayal. Just because you share an office doesn’t mean you should share secrets.

Even at church, and I know a lot of you out there will not agree with me. No doubt the church should have been the safest people with the safest people but a church folk is not necessarily a God friend, making us to think if we can tell God, then we can tell them too- after all we are Children of God we perceive.

Our disappointments come from the lack of delineation between which ship best fits which person.I realize we mostly get personal with people we should have kept at a respectful and cordial distance.

I have often had my own resentment with this simple phrase ” can you tell me about yourself. I will like to know you more”

I feel is one dumb statement. You don’t need simple words to know deeply about a person. Because if you have lived longed around people you will realise it’s virtually impossible to really know all about someone, to see into their hearts and know what’s going on below the surface.

My point is this simple. As we journey in life we must know at one point who we need in our Relation-Ship because sometimes crowd can sink a boat in the most turbulent times.

Take no offense when people show you where you belong, somehow truthfully that is the best place they will want you to be.

And take caution who you let in a special seat in your ship, they may be a Captain on their own and you know it-No two Captains can drive the same Ship.

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