Hello lovely readers, quite a beautiful Sunday it is. I trust you are all in perfect health? Well yes, I am! This should be my last post for the year. 2020 has been all sort of things right? Tiring? Draining? Amazing? Well, it has been God, this whole time carrying us through and assuring us He would definitely bring us to an expected end. If you are alive, count yourself blessed!

Currently, I am in isolation. By isolation I know you have already figured out what it means. During this period, I have conducted a thorough assessment of the self, and identified what I stand for, my strengths and weaknesses, my likes and dislikes, and ultimately my personality. A lot of amazing things can happen in your life when you come to the realization of self, so I will highly recommend it for anyone battling with self-esteem and confidence issues. Also, I have clearly defined my goals, vision and resolution for the upcoming year. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year despite the persistence of the COVID-19 virus.

We meet people for different reasons in our lives. Some are passers-by, others are acquaintances and colleagues, and others are friends. Identifying this helps you build a solid network and solidify your inner circle. Ultimately the people in our lives should not drain us of the energy we have left. We are supposed to feel uplifted and encouraged just by interacting with them. Bear in mind, everyone’s experience whether good or bad is supposed to have an impact in your life, from which you can draw lessons and experience from.

The story begins with a 17 year old boy in the confines of a hospital bed after sustaining lacerations from a blunt cutlass some days ago. A typical display of biblical dexterity resulted in the admission of one, and the incarceration of the other. This scuffle ensued just because of a misunderstanding in coming into agreement with the word of God. “Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth.”

This man grew up in a loving home where both of his parents were very supportive of his goals, passion and ambition. It was his childhood dream to be a pilot; to escape the family’s status quo of being a doctor, lawyer or politician.

On his 17th birthday, his parents began to have issues. Issues they didn’t see coming. The man of the house had accepted an appointment from the Ministry of Defense. This meant he would be spending a lot of nights outside home, typically tightening up security in the country. This directly meant a higher pay grade and social recognition in the country. Was the security in his family tightened too? Were the bolts screwed tight?

As private as his wife was, she strongly objected to his decision. But her objection was not enough to change the already made-up mind of her husband. Little did they know their children were already falling into bad company.

One day, Maggie, his wife opened the door that led to the room of their first born son, Kwesi. She was led to go straight to his room after she had finished evening prayers. What welcomed her was a rather unbearable stench, with her son covered completely in smoke. “What are you doing in here, Mum? Couldn’t you have knocked and waited for the door to be opened for you before coming in?” Kwesi said, as he hid the packet of marijuana he had bought the day before under his bed.

Margaret feeling ashamed, slowly closed the door and wondered what had happened to his prayerful son. A boy who did not know how to skip worship and prayer sessions even in his busiest of times. A boy who frowned at any tiniest vice committed with so much hatred. How did he fall within the clasp of marijuana? Might have been from bad friends? The infamous peer pressure!

It was there she came to the realization her family was in shambles. She immediately reached for her phone but put it down, when she remembered her husband could only be accessed through a one way private number. What was she going to do?

Unable to sleep the whole night, she waited for her husband’s return the next day. Heavily disturbed to the core, she could not pray neither could she eat.

To her utmost surprise, her husband returned home the next day heavily drunk! This was very unusual for the morally upright man she had known for the past 36 years. The neatly pressed suit he had left home with, had been replaced by a filth-stained singlet. Immediately, she rushed to receive her husband as he alighted from his car in a dazed fashion; brushing her own complaints aside.

What welcomed her was a dirty slap. “Pick up all your things, you are leaving this house. I am bringing in a woman I love. A woman I would want to start a new family with. This family is dead!” He said as he trotted off to bed.

Margaret was torn apart. So many troubles for a day. She felt broken! Reality nudged her right in the eyes, when she attempted waking up from sleep. ‘Not today, Maggie!

She gathered the little courage she had, dialed the digits of the only man he knew aside his husband. “Dad, I am coming home!” …

Her husband’s chauffeur stood there quietly unable to take a step. He was confused. Should he comfort this woman who was clearly in despair? Or head home, like he does every time?

As he stood there dumbfounded, Kwamina, the last born charged towards him with a Bible in his hands. “Why does this have to happen to my family in a matter of split seconds? Where is the God I serve? He should come down and cause a miracle” He desperately said. No amount of Biblical quotes from this chauffeur could calm this boy down. Kwamina was so agitated he did not realize he had mistakenly picked up a wooden plank lying beside the car.

When the chauffeur realized what had happened, he tried to grab the plank from his grip, however what greeted him was a sound smack in his face in absolute fury.

The adrenaline rush of the chauffeur retaliated by finding a nearby cutlass and slashing the wrist and abdomen of his abdomen in two complete moves.

The whole scene turned bloody and horrific as Kwamina lay in a pool of blood unable to speak. All raised tempers abated as everyone rushed to the scene. The drunk father, with deep regret reached for his car keys and drove their son to the hospital in the company of his loving wife, the chauffeur, and his drug dazed son.


Following the declaration of the presidential results after the elections, there has been unrest in some parts of the country. This had led to the death of some and the admission of others in a critical state. But this is not a time for war, but a time for peace. A time for us to accept and appreciate our differences, and move on as a country in spite of this pandemic. A time for us to pray and seek the face of God in the face of this constantly mutating COVID-19 virus. These Christmas celebration should be a period of merry making even in the presence of an empty pocket.

Be of good cheer, and make merry for you do not know what tomorrow brings. Pray and then plan your future. But remember the future starts now.

God’s hand moves when people and pastors pray together. Through prayer, God greatly multiplies our efforts and makes the impossible, possible.

Enjoy the Christmas celebrations and Thanks for reading!



He was the talk of the news which kept every radio and tv station grimacing to the utterance of his name. How he rose to such fame was unknown by all and sundry.

He was known in the entertainment industry as “the Pop”. I had access to him because we were connected by blood – After I had a spill on my glove as i tried to take a blood sample from his vein.

He had built a huge mansion for himself, kept family on the outskirts of his life and surrounded himself by the people he thought loved him; neglecting the same people who had been with him, as he sprawled in the sands of poverty and the air of nothingness.

In this mansion, he had a wedded wife, with who God had blessed with three fine daughters. His daughters were his pride that he held them in amour-propre, ensuring they had the best of education by enrolling in one of the top schools in the country.

As the weeks went by, he came across a very strange inheritance as his value kept soaring- another woman; who would satisfy his passion, in the absence of the other woman and her daughters. The woman who would sift through the bits and pieces of his hefty bank account with her extravagant living; leeching it as she toured the luxurious restaurants and shops in town; raiding them through the cold touch of her mouth and hands.

Church was a wisp to his ears now. He spent his Sunday mornings either dining at expensive food joints with his new found friends, or offsetting from the exquisite wines he had consumed the previous night. To him, luxury was acquired through sheer persistence and hardwork; and so he didn’t realize the need to give attribution to God, abstracting the fact that his sixth phone which kept notifying him of his bank account alerts was his own idol.

He bought himself a gym at home because he loved to watch her wife run on the treadmill- to develop quick feet to run away from home with her daughters sooner or later.

It was all a matter of time, he was hit by the knuck chuck of fate and destiny. He presented to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. His abdomen kept getting bigger and bigger with the glissade of time. He had not emptied his bowels in a week, and spewed everything he ate; surprisingly, containing blood every time.

He sojourned different hospitals with the aim of recovery, but he was unlucky.

On 28th May 2015, there he was, on the hospital bed, on the verge of death. He couldnt control his tears as he divulged his past. He had sold his mansion and cars to pay off his hospital bills and lost quite a considerable amount of weight. Sadly, he had no asset to pass down to his family, just a bucket of tears.

His friends had foreseen this and blacklisted his contact number. The only people he had close to his hospital bed was his lovely wedded wife, and his three daughters who visited him day and night.

It was decided he endured the last of the surgeries; to relieve the plague, obstructing his intestines.

Everything was set for the final day after he had undergone prior lab tests. He had the notion of returning to normal after enduring this “last and only surgery”. Little did he know what would stare at the face of his surgeon.

Following this, I wanted to be in the operating room to observe how things would transpire.

On that day, the man was laid on the table and put to sleep. His abdomen was wiped clean give the surgeon the green light to cut and tie, with his doubled-up white gloves.

15mins into the surgery, the surgeon frustrated, was closing up the skin – “Surgery unsuccessful, it is a frozen abdomen.” The sound of the word frozen sent chills down my abdomen.

The tumour of his stomach had spread to involve the whole of his abdomen thereby, leaving him with a condition called “frozen abdomen” that would make further surgical intervention dangerous.

He was sent to the ward, and managed palliatively, until he went back to his Maker.

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer-related death in the world, and it remains difficult to cure, primarily because most patients present with advanced disease. Unfortunately, only a minority of patients with gastric cancer will be cured of their disease.

Signs and symptoms of gastric cancer include the following:

1. The feeling of fullness right after eating.

2. Loss of appetite.

3. Vomiting, which could contain blood.

4. Passing feces which are blood stained.

In the late stages, there could be weight loss, breathlessness and jaundice.

Things that can increase your chance of developing a gastric cancer include smoking, obesity, eating very salty food, having an ulcer of your stomach and lastly, when someone in your lineage has been diagnosed of a gastric cancer.

Cancer of the stomach can extend to obstruct your intestines. It can also cause the “frozen abdomen” by invading the structures in your abdomen; thereby sticking them together like a freezer. I know you didn’t see the rhyme.

When you present to the hospital and gastric cancer is confirmed, it is important to start treatment right away, to prevent further spread and early death. Treatment could include surgery to remove the tumor, and the use of radiation and drugs to kill the tumour cells.

Avoiding risk factors and increasing protective factors may lower your chances of having stomach cancer, but there is no guarantee you can prevent it.

Exercising, reducing salty food intake, and consuming fruits and vegetables are known to protect against gastric cancer so stay safe for a better tomorrow!