It’s been a while I put down something. I trust we are all doing fine? Today’s topic dares to be interesting. It is a post of giving ; The Christian Way.

It was the 8th of September 2018, time check 3:00pm. I found myself escorting my favorite cousin; Maame Dufie to get her provisions in town. We found ourselves at the exact location because her dad’s car had maneuvered through the gate of Golden Tulip some minutes right after we had our lunch.


I remember the 20 cedis I had on me almost falling out of my pocket. This bolted me into the sense of awareness I was officially broke. How was I going to survive? I saw myself as this big boy who had got his guts together and did not need help from anyone financially. God had to intervene; This was my silent prayer.

The schedule for church the next day had been earmarked and dubbed “Pastor’s Appreciation Day” A day pastors in the church were rewarded with the delicacies emanating from people’s pocket based on how proficient and instrumental they had been in the lives of their church members.

I remember crying in my chest and complaining on how broke I was. I was so broke I could not sit up straight. Swaying to and fro with the rocker buttom feet that took its place on the ground in the form of shoes. Expenses kept mounting and climbing that my bank account had hidden her face from my sight. It was tired of succumbing to the shadow of undulating stress and apprehensiveness. These were days I wish I had a side job but…


I informed my cousin of the reality I had just 20 cedis in my pocket and… she was taken aback. I had to support her with my palms to prevent her from falling backwards. She made an emphatic statement and further questioned me on how much I put in the offering bowl every Sunday. She stated plainly without mincing words “Nana, you would be doing a great deservice to God if you put anything less than 10 cedis in the bowl.

I smiled coyly and replied “Its my widows mite I give. The amount I give does not matter, all that matters is whether it is from a good heart or not”

“Nana, if you knew the benefits of giving, you would have carried everything you possessed to the altar” But then I knew I would not be demonstrating common sense if I did that. What would I eat? What would I wear? Where would I sleep and lastly What would I spend?

“The Lord would provide” kept hammering its nail into my eardrums but I easily distracted myself as we got to the destination – Opoku Trading. I had not made up my mind to give.

I decided to read on the benefits of giving and share it with you readers. I hope it touches your heart to give because God loves a cheerful giver.

Money has the inherent potential to take the place of God because it feeds us, clothes us and gives us the good things we enjoy. We work for money, depend on it and gain security and significance through it.

To the degree that a Christian allows money to take precedence over God in their affection, trust and pursuits, that Christian is serving a false god and not a true God. Materialism drains the vitality and power out of one’s spiritual life and places one in bondage to things of the world.

Giving is the key that breaks the power of the false god of money. Scripture indicates how giving fits in God’s plan for the Christian life.

Giving is rooted in the character of God. All of God’s blessings are given, not earned, shaken but not stirred. Therefore the practice of giving is imitating the character of God.

Above all else, giving increases our affection for Christ. This is why it is necessary to mentally give each gift to Jesus Christ. When you give your gift to Him, your heart would automatically be drawn to the Lord.

The practice of giving is a spiritual discipline of great significance for all Christians. It is my prayer to put into action, God’s principle of giving.

Thanks for reading