If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation; all things have passed away, and behold, the new has come. Many people think being a Christian exempts you from the daily struggles and challenges of life. This is not so! In the New Testament, Jesus encourages us to enter the narrow door instead of choosing the most accessible and most convenient option-the broad door. This means we are going to have to make decisions that do not favor us most often all for the sake of dying to ourselves and giving up our lives for others.

We take confidence in the assurance that He will always be in our presence wherever we find ourselves. Even though he is unseen, He continues to work continuously on our behalf by listening to our prayers and performing dumbfounding miracles in our lives which include giving us life and protecting us from harm.

One of the best things that can happen to any individual is the day he comes to the realization of the need to accept Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour. The Bible says if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. This means Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ. As stated, He is the only way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through Him. What do we do once we have become Christians? Attain Spiritual Maturity!

Spiritual maturity is something that should be a priority for every Christian. It’s essential in our lives for how we serve God and interact with other people. However, there are levels to spiritual maturity. The Bible describes new believers as feeding on “milk.” We need to come to a point where we are no longer “spiritual babies” but mature into “spiritual adults.” The most important reason is for our lives to reflect the nature of Jesus Christ.

Just as a toddler starts by taking milk before solid, God expects us to grow gradually in our walk with Him. We will often falter and ask for forgiveness, and that is normal. He is a loving father who is always ready to welcome us back to his arms, just like in the account of the Prodigal Son and the parable of the lost shepherd. We have to connect ourselves as branches to the vine and draw our strength from Him for, without Him, we will wither and fall.

Being initiated in him warrants that we have to be baptized. Baptism means we bury our sins with his death and identify ourselves with the most significant act in human history – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism in itself doesn’t save us but salvation does, for salvation comes by faith alone. Your guilt before God is removed the moment you trust in Christ. But baptism is your testimony to, and the inward assurance of, your passage from the old life to the new life.

In Ecclesiastes 4:12, The Bible states that “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” It is thus essential that every new believer finds a Bible-believing church and stays rooted in this church. The more he feeds on God’s word and stays connected to a community, the better he can stand in faith and extinguish the enemy’s flaming arrows.

Scripture says we should not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another in Hebrews 10:24-25. The church’s physical gathering is a glad and visible expression of its spiritual nature. Believers are, therefore, the called-out people of God, united by faith in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Challenges do happen once in a while. The task of living a fully God-centered life is no walk in the park, as the lives of the greatest and most fully converted Christians who have ever lived—the saints—will attest. Indeed, Christianity lived to the fullest involves struggle. But we take a stand using Romans 5:3-4, which states that “We also rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

Hope is found in the promises God has given us – promises of freedom from sin. We can find so much hope in Scripture through the gift of eternal life made possible through His son, Jesus Christ. No matter what trials, temptations, or pain we may suffer, we can always hold onto the hope God extends to us.

Right now, there are billions in the world who desperately need to hear the salvation message and you are called to share Jesus with them. They are in the nations far off, but also in your office, school, and city. They shop in the same stores you do and work out at the same gym. They are your neighbors, your friends, and your family members. Who could you reach with Jesus’ love today?

Let us enjoy the new life we have found in Christ and focus on the blessings He has promised for His children till the end of time.

This blog post was inspired by completing a Devotional by Ruben Cunha – New Life in Christ.

God bless you for reading, and have a wonderful day!


Over these last few days, God has been teaching me something about gratitude. In subtle ways about how gratitude is an essential key in our walk with Him.

Over the past few months, I recall correctly, having to go through a very stressful ordeal for which I had to be on a hospital bed for a couple of months. During that period, I wondered why God puts his children through challenging and dire situations. Was it a measure of the test? A gauge of faith? A stepping stone of great things to come? During this period, I pondered countless times in isolation.

But then, after listening to a series of podcasts during this period. I have realised that irrespective of our circumstances, there is nothing as meaningful as showing gratitude irrespective of our current circumstances. For the apostle Paul states in the book of Philippians that. “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or want.”

This morning I would like to admonish you, irrespective of your current situation; there is nothing more potent than our great God. If he came through for people in times past, remember, He is still the same. He is unchanged. He expects you to leave the past behind and show gratitude for what He has done for you.

Being alive is a miracle you should be grateful for. That incurable medical report? That declining academic report? The financial crisis? My friend, just leave it into His hands. He will come through for you.

I will end with a memory verse from my devotional this morning. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

1 John 5:14 NIV

Have a blessed Friday, Go and be great!


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“This boy looks so quiet that you can hear the sound of air around him” People say as he passes by every time. A complete nerd! From his scrubby hair to thick glasses down to his big shoes supporting his pulled up shorts. However no one knows the emotional anguish lurking in him.. The tears he sheds every night because he saw a big world from a small box.
Close friends kept pushing him back because he was unpretentious. Family was in shackles bound by misery. Everything was in a mess! An admitted mother at the hospital. A distraught daddy. Growing little brothers who couldn’t get a grasp of what was happening. Who should he turn to? He keeps fighting mentally because he believes in hope.
He sets for school in a hurry the next day, however anticipates the caning he would receive – at least 10 lashes to his back, because Daddy doesn’t have a car and there’s no mummy to prepare breakfast for the family. Walking to school from home would take at least 45 minutes along a weedy path.
He sets for his journey with his big backpack as usual, walking with the speed of light. In the middle of his journey. He encounters an old lady heavily laden with tied clothes on her head and a quavering walking stick in her right hand.
As a gesture of politeness, it is expected of him to help this old lady. He looks at his watch and at the old woman. Good will over knowledge?
He helps this old woman carry out half of her journey. This old lady tells him “my son, you are going through a lot! Your life is tough! You don’t understand a lot of things happening in your life, and you won’t understand anytime soon. But you do believe in God right? At the back of his mind, he knows the gray haired woman is telling the absolute truth. A soothsayer? A magician? Or an angel? He quietly continues the journey with the old woman as they get to her house.
She blesses him and tells him not to worry, God has got every situation under control. He holds back the tear at the corner of his eye and hurries off to school.
Surprisingly, the headmaster was not around. Neither were his teachers. They are in a staff meeting which would last 3 hours. His coming is saluted by a very boisterous class. Everyone in the class wonders why he’s so late however he all he thinks of is his indisposed mother.
He doesn’t pay attention in class and scores 3 out of 10 in a test conducted. Surprised, the teacher beats him and encourages him to sit up oblivious of what is happening in his life. But this young boy has learned to live in silence.
He hurries back home after school because he has to fetch his siblings from school. However receives the ashtonishment of his life when he sees his grandmother at home. “What has happened?” ‘This cannot be good news” As he gets close. His grandmother hugs him and whispers in his ears. “Mum is back!” He throws away his backpack and rushes to see his smiling mother in the hallway. He hugs his mother and wonders what miracle would have brought her back home in a jiffy.
His siblings are already home and his Dad has prepared lunch. He’s so happy he has totally forgotten about the old lady. He’s so cheerful as he encircles the house..His prayers have been answered.
As he takes lunch, he jogs his memory and makes out the old lady smiling at him. He also smiles in complete silence and continues with his meal continually trust in God and believing in angels.


Everybody falls sometimes

Gotta find the strength to rise

From the ashes and make a new beginning

Anyone can feel the ache

You think its more than you can take

But You’re stronger, stronger than you know


Dont you give up now. The sun will soon be shining

You gotta face the clouds to find the silver lining


I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

Hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling

I’ve seen miracles just happen

Silent prayers get answered

Broken hearts become brand new

That’s what FAITH can do


It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard

Impossible is not a word

It’s just a reason for someone not to try

Everbody’s scared to death

When they decide to take that step out on the water

But it will be alright.


Life is so much more than what your eyes are seeing

You will find your way if you keep believing

Overcome the odds you don’t have the chance

When the world says you can’t

It will tell you that you CAN!


Even if you fall sometimes, you will have the strength to rise


Kutless – What Faith Can Do




Chasing a dream
So many things
Capture my affection
Running ahead I’ve been a mess
Loosing my perspective
This is my obsession
Always chasing the wind
Left with nothing in the end
It’s meaningless without you
Meaningless these treasures I possess
Only you can satisfy
Only you sustain my life
Without you
It’s meaningless

Feeling you near
It’s coming clear
You’ve got my attention
Filling the void
Killing the noise
Focus my direction
With intimate insistence
You overwhelm my senses
All I need is before me now

I’m breathing but I can’t survive
I’m living but I’m not alive
without You

Anthony Evans – Meaningless