Hello readers! Pardon my prolonged absence from my blog. I know you all miss my blog posts and the stories I have to tell. I am at that point in my life where I am juggling a lot of things, trying to achieve them in the shortest possible time. In the last four months, I am on the verge of completing a ton of French lessons I started when the year commenced on Duolingo. Also, I have started learning how to code using Datacamp, and finally, I am also chasing the passion of being a businessman by pursuing a Master’s program in Business Administration. Not forgetting this important assertion; I am now a full-fledged member of our church choir. A whole lot going on right? 

The essence of this post was inspired by a Bible plan I started a couple of days ago with the help of a friend, Erica. This plan elucidates the Story of Easter as narrated in different passages by the disciples. 

Even though I haven’t completed this plan yet, I place a high value on being called a Christian and this takes precedence over everything. I am cognizant of the fact that because of the love He has for me, God will send forth his only son to come in the likeness of man to die for my sins just to draw me closer to Him. Do you know what this means? He values my relationship with Him and is willing to go to all lengths to ensure that I commune and interact with Him daily. 

The story starts with the triumphant entry into Jerusalem on a colt. In one of the daily devotionals last week, the writer wondered why Jesus would keep a low profile the majority of his life, and finally decide to make such a grandiose entry into Jerusalem. My attention was drawn to the fact that His coming had already been prophesized so He just had to come in the likeness of a man and align himself according to the prophecy. He performed so many miracles that no man ever in his entire life would. He cast out demons, raised the dead, and healed the sick all by his touch and the sound of his voice. 

Before the disciples held the Passover feast, he went into time and outlined the plans perfectly to ensure the feast was going to be a success, even though he had never been there physically. He geographically visualized the place and had a man meet his disciples just to ensure that his body, which was His Word, would be shared by the breaking of bread. During the Last Supper with his disciples, he foretold the agony he was going to endure and again informed them of whoever was going to betray him. 

His manly nature prayed several times in the garden that the cup would be taken off him; as the agony, he was going to go through for our sake had been revealed to him. Even in the heat of the moment of his arrest, He attached the ear of a man who had been struck by the sword of Peter. He even predicted that Peter, despite his temperament which made him the rock on which he built His church was going to deny him three times before the rooster crowed. 

Despite his triumphant entry, man made him go through the humiliating experience of carrying a cross amid jeers, and a crown of thorns to Golgotha where he was crucified in the middle of two thieves. “A man who knew no sin became sin so that we would become the righteousness of God“. Can you believe that even on his deathbed – on the cross, he was still praying for us? That our sins would eventually be forgiven. 

The astonishing event that happened in history is the tearing of the veil that separated humanity from divinity, that man could confidently walk to the throne of grace with boldness and obtain grace in their time of need. 

After his death was confirmed, an angel announced his resurrection by rolling the stone that secured his tomb, to grant easier access for the disciples to see and know He is the God of the living and the dead, and to comprehend the ultimate power that he wields. 

He continued to perform miracles even after his resurrection and emerged amidst his disciples even where their doors were locked out of fear.

This God is a merciful and loving Father. If He showed such a kind gesture by sending his own Son in the form of a sacrificial lamb just to bridge his relationship with us, what is He not willing to do for you? Surprisingly, my attention has been drawn to the Bible verse that states emphatically that we would receive whatever we ask for in faith countless times this week. 

It is my prayer that as I have commenced my annual leave, he will draw me closer to him and let me know Him more and more. And that my service in his vineyard in drawing other believers closer to him would never go wasted. Finally that He would grant my heart desires and prayer requests. 

As you start your day, bear in mind that God watches over you constantly and never sleeps nor slumbers. Move in the grace and favour he has destined for your life and emerge out of your day victorious, achieving all your goals in Christ Jesus.

After one of the services at church on a fateful Sunday

Have a wonderful day!

Eliezer Bernard Owusu Ntim


Lately, I have understood that everything in life happens for a reason. It has been orchestrated from the beginning to happen and we are just in alignment with the orchestra, dancing to the tune of the harp and lyre being played. One thing I have begun to imbibe is, the closer you get to God, the closer He gets to you. The way you get to God is by reading, studying and researching His word.

Another thing humans fail to recognize is the omniscience of God. In our dealings with other people, we turn a blind eye to the fact that someone might be watching. King David states in the Psalms. “Where could I go to escape from You? Where could I get away from Your Presence?” He was terrified that every single action of his was being seen and recorded by his best friend. He actually wanted a timeout. I wish it was that easy.

The Bible states that Darkness and Light is the same for the Father and the night is as bright as the day. There comes a time in our life where we have to take that step of Faith, such as changing our jobs, pursuing our passions and choosing a spouse. We usually want a nod from close friends and family before we take that step because we gain confidence from their approval. But with the Father, you need no validation from human beings; because he knows the end from the beginning. Even before you were born, He knew you and allotted the days you will spend on earth in His book before you began numbering your days. Can you imagine the expanse and intensity of your relationship with Him? I doubt you can.

Averagely, a human thinks about 40,000 thoughts a day. There are times where we lose ourselves in our thoughts that someone has to nudge us before we come back to reality. This happens frequently when we encounter a very distressing situation. I have realized that when you get closer to God, he automatically aligns his spirit with yours and scans your mind. Just like a computer’s antivirus, he filters and quarantines the negatives thoughts that keep you awake at night and fills your ear with goodness. Those who are led by God’s spirit are God’s children and by virtue of that, we will possess the blessings he keeps for his children. You begin to emanate glory and favor, and other good things. Then he makes your life a living testimony and guides you in the everlasting way. Even when you walk through the deepest valley, He has promised that He would not leave you. Even through the blasting furnace, He is there with you. Remember the prodigal son? He intends to draw us closer to himself every time.  He does this through real life experiences and subtle conversations with people each and every day. He loves you and will give up whole nations just to save your life. Like the Good shepherd, He will leave the intact ninety-nine just to track and save the lost one.

For eons, human life has been devalued and there is a reason. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy works hardest in letting us believe we have no worth and our lives do not matter. He robs us of our happiness and saps the little joy that we have. Even though we look happy outwardly, we are starving inwardly. The adversity makes us think we are worthless and our lives have no meaning and purpose. But this morning, I need you to reject that lie that has been imprinted in your mind. You are the son/daughter of a King and a child of the most High God. Do you know what this means? You have access to the throne room. As the veil was torn into two, a direct connection was established. All we need to do is go to the Father in the sincerity of our heart and talk to Him, and just like any good Father, He will heed our prayer. “Through salvation our past has been forgiven, our present is given meaning, and our future is secured.

It is important to understand your mission and the purpose for which you were brought to the world. This is your ministry. Your contribution might be saving lives in the hospital, or impacting lives by teaching. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing it to the glory of God.

As you step into today, be rest assured of the favor and glory you carry today. Touch the heart of whoever you encounter today.

Have a wonderful day!