Lately, I have understood that everything in life happens for a reason. It has been orchestrated from the beginning to happen and we are just in alignment with the orchestra, dancing to the tune of the harp and lyre being played. One thing I have begun to imbibe is, the closer you get to God, the closer He gets to you. The way you get to God is by reading, studying and researching His word.

Another thing humans fail to recognize is the omniscience of God. In our dealings with other people, we turn a blind eye to the fact that someone might be watching. King David states in the Psalms. “Where could I go to escape from You? Where could I get away from Your Presence?” He was terrified that every single action of his was being seen and recorded by his best friend. He actually wanted a timeout. I wish it was that easy.

The Bible states that Darkness and Light is the same for the Father and the night is as bright as the day. There comes a time in our life where we have to take that step of Faith, such as changing our jobs, pursuing our passions and choosing a spouse. We usually want a nod from close friends and family before we take that step because we gain confidence from their approval. But with the Father, you need no validation from human beings; because he knows the end from the beginning. Even before you were born, He knew you and allotted the days you will spend on earth in His book before you began numbering your days. Can you imagine the expanse and intensity of your relationship with Him? I doubt you can.

Averagely, a human thinks about 40,000 thoughts a day. There are times where we lose ourselves in our thoughts that someone has to nudge us before we come back to reality. This happens frequently when we encounter a very distressing situation. I have realized that when you get closer to God, he automatically aligns his spirit with yours and scans your mind. Just like a computer’s antivirus, he filters and quarantines the negatives thoughts that keep you awake at night and fills your ear with goodness. Those who are led by God’s spirit are God’s children and by virtue of that, we will possess the blessings he keeps for his children. You begin to emanate glory and favor, and other good things. Then he makes your life a living testimony and guides you in the everlasting way. Even when you walk through the deepest valley, He has promised that He would not leave you. Even through the blasting furnace, He is there with you. Remember the prodigal son? He intends to draw us closer to himself every time.  He does this through real life experiences and subtle conversations with people each and every day. He loves you and will give up whole nations just to save your life. Like the Good shepherd, He will leave the intact ninety-nine just to track and save the lost one.

For eons, human life has been devalued and there is a reason. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy works hardest in letting us believe we have no worth and our lives do not matter. He robs us of our happiness and saps the little joy that we have. Even though we look happy outwardly, we are starving inwardly. The adversity makes us think we are worthless and our lives have no meaning and purpose. But this morning, I need you to reject that lie that has been imprinted in your mind. You are the son/daughter of a King and a child of the most High God. Do you know what this means? You have access to the throne room. As the veil was torn into two, a direct connection was established. All we need to do is go to the Father in the sincerity of our heart and talk to Him, and just like any good Father, He will heed our prayer. “Through salvation our past has been forgiven, our present is given meaning, and our future is secured.

It is important to understand your mission and the purpose for which you were brought to the world. This is your ministry. Your contribution might be saving lives in the hospital, or impacting lives by teaching. Whatever you do, make sure you are doing it to the glory of God.

As you step into today, be rest assured of the favor and glory you carry today. Touch the heart of whoever you encounter today.

Have a wonderful day!



There are times I want to detach the strings of my heart from yours – but you never let go. I have despised you, denied your presence, mocked your essence and even denounced You, but you held me tight. Things slipped away and did not go my way, but you still waved when i faltered.

You are a God who wants to be my friend and yearns to be my friend. You want every breath of mine to be filled with a talk from You.

You have made me understand I do not need any groundbreaking rituals and floor splitting ceremonies just to get to know You.

There’s no need to rant the Bible like a clanging cymbal or a resounding brass if I do not have the spirit of love. Even in the quiet moments of meditation, You are right here with me.

You cleansed my scarlet stained life and made it as a white as snow.

You ousted the spirit of addiction and restored Your spirit of love.

You bridged the gap by dying on the cross to pay for my froth.

You mounted that pillar of hope, when friends crushed my life.

You embalmed me with the incense of grace to finish the race.

You split the veil from top to bottom just to give me that confidence to approach your throne without fear and trembling.

You filled my mouth with a new song of praise.

You saved me from the wiles of evil when shame had been projected out of me.

You have clasped me and held me in your hands like a priceless gem.

Who would comprehend why a God like you, would want a friend like me?

I lost my way; groping in the dark and faltering in stark dust, but you brought me back to you by calling out my name in the secret places.

You raised me up from the shadows of affliction and the meadows of depression.

It is difficult to fathom how an invisible and perfect God can love a finite and fallible being like me.

Help me review Your word of truth!

Help me meditate on Your word day and night. My soul longs for You!

You cherish the daily devotionals I learn from you, the appointments I schedule with you and the conversations I engage in with You.

You advise me against using a great multiplicity of words in prayer, just to show off; teaching me how to pray from the heart.

You wish I would turn common places into communion places just to dine with You.

I desire to understand every secret of this life you have hidden from me, a mere mortal.

I desire to speak to you through this prayer and hear your voice today.

Knowing you and loving you would forever be my greatest privilege!