“This boy looks so quiet that you can hear the sound of air around him” People say as he passes by every time. A complete nerd! From his scrubby hair to thick glasses down to his big shoes supporting his pulled up shorts. However no one knows the emotional anguish lurking in him.. The tears he sheds every night because he saw a big world from a small box.
Close friends kept pushing him back because he was unpretentious. Family was in shackles bound by misery. Everything was in a mess! An admitted mother at the hospital. A distraught daddy. Growing little brothers who couldn’t get a grasp of what was happening. Who should he turn to? He keeps fighting mentally because he believes in hope.
He sets for school in a hurry the next day, however anticipates the caning he would receive – at least 10 lashes to his back, because Daddy doesn’t have a car and there’s no mummy to prepare breakfast for the family. Walking to school from home would take at least 45 minutes along a weedy path.
He sets for his journey with his big backpack as usual, walking with the speed of light. In the middle of his journey. He encounters an old lady heavily laden with tied clothes on her head and a quavering walking stick in her right hand.
As a gesture of politeness, it is expected of him to help this old lady. He looks at his watch and at the old woman. Good will over knowledge?
He helps this old woman carry out half of her journey. This old lady tells him “my son, you are going through a lot! Your life is tough! You don’t understand a lot of things happening in your life, and you won’t understand anytime soon. But you do believe in God right? At the back of his mind, he knows the gray haired woman is telling the absolute truth. A soothsayer? A magician? Or an angel? He quietly continues the journey with the old woman as they get to her house.
She blesses him and tells him not to worry, God has got every situation under control. He holds back the tear at the corner of his eye and hurries off to school.
Surprisingly, the headmaster was not around. Neither were his teachers. They are in a staff meeting which would last 3 hours. His coming is saluted by a very boisterous class. Everyone in the class wonders why he’s so late however he all he thinks of is his indisposed mother.
He doesn’t pay attention in class and scores 3 out of 10 in a test conducted. Surprised, the teacher beats him and encourages him to sit up oblivious of what is happening in his life. But this young boy has learned to live in silence.
He hurries back home after school because he has to fetch his siblings from school. However receives the ashtonishment of his life when he sees his grandmother at home. “What has happened?” ‘This cannot be good news” As he gets close. His grandmother hugs him and whispers in his ears. “Mum is back!” He throws away his backpack and rushes to see his smiling mother in the hallway. He hugs his mother and wonders what miracle would have brought her back home in a jiffy.
His siblings are already home and his Dad has prepared lunch. He’s so happy he has totally forgotten about the old lady. He’s so cheerful as he encircles the house..His prayers have been answered.
As he takes lunch, he jogs his memory and makes out the old lady smiling at him. He also smiles in complete silence and continues with his meal continually trust in God and believing in angels.


Owning and enjoying the loyalty of a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s hard to feel alone when you have a dog around. Just watch it bark at plantain trees, go around the house in circles and finish off your food. The natural affection of dogs and their willingness to bond is just unimaginable.

Why would a creature be so loyal? Is it because they depend on us for food and shelter? Well, I believe they were created that way; to feel and to love. Mistreat a dog a hundred times, it would return a hundred and two times with a olive branch in its jaws.

According to medicine, oxytocin, a hormone, peaks in both people and their dogs when there is a positive interaction; which ranges from teaching them to fetch toys to teaching them vocabulary. This hormone counteracts the effect of stress hormone: cortisol, and lightens the burden of visiting the hospital frequently.

The brain of a human is dominated by the visual cortex which buttresses the point – you are what you see, however the brain of a dog is controlled mainly by what it smells. There are many published studies that prove dogs can detect cancer through breath samples and hypoglycemic episodes just by sniffing their owners. Such wonderful creatures!

Dogs spend hours everyday playing with no regard for time. The other hours they relax or wag their tails because they are often ecstatic for no apparent reason. Life does not have to be a hard and fast rule that you feel so serious about everything. You can steal just a bit of their humor.

It is known dogs process emotional sounds as humans do. They tend to listen without judging! Just keep ranting and your dog would tilt its head and watch you in a priceless way, genuinely caring about your feelings.

Get a puppy today and watch its amazing transformation into your best friend.



That man don’t love you like he need to
If he ain’t following Christ, he can’t lead you
I ain’t tryin’ to deceive you.


I know he look better than most men
But without Christ, looks are no reason for bragging and boasting


You got your heart on him
Now you can’t depart from him
You knew from the beginning not to even start on him
Compromising your faith for sex
Hurting yourself and God
Cause you outside of marital context
What’s next?
Mami show respect for your body
Instead of getting naked and naughty
Like sex is a hobby
You know what you’re supposed to do
Let him loose and cling to the God that wants to get close to you


You’ve been blessed as a chosen few
Mami, if ain’t rollin’ with Christ
Then don’t let him roll with you
Cause you’ve been blessed as a chosen few
And if ain’t rollin’ with God
Then don’t let him roll with you


I know you’re the apple of momma’s eye
A star in your daddy’s sky
But God knows you living a lie
You giving a guy, everything your husband deserves
It’s absurd
Don’t follow your feelings, just follow The Word!



You wanna be in a relationship
Well, you can give him your all, but how deep can the relations get
If your God’s on the sideline
You won’t be happy I promise
Until you understand, that God is the lifeline
He ain’t pleased with lust
So even if it feels right
Remember, he ain’t pleased with us, when we
Let our emotions loose without a ring on the finger
It’s only gonna come back to sting ya
Don’t let the singers sing you sweet lullabies
Without giving The King’s sweet love a try
It ain’t none better
Who else you know, that would give up his life
Just to love you forever



I know you thought that y’all could win together
Y’all been together
But all y’all do is sin together
You’re wasting your own time
You keep deceiving your mind
Saying that this is part of God’s design
Knowing he treating you good
Know his ways is nice
But he can’t love you like he should
He’s not engaged to Christ
And you know this ain’t the man for you
But you hold on like God ain’t got better plans for you
The whole worlds says ‘you should be dating’
God says you should be serving him while your patiently waitin’
Everybody rushin and racin
Huggin’ and kissin’ and hold hands, all before their days end
Yea, I know it’s hard but TRUST
I wouldn’t waste my breath on this song if it wasn’t a MUST



The same God that made you
The same God that died for your sins and saved you
HE ain’t tryin’ to play you, WAIT!



Your ready to go’… wait!
Can’t take no more’.wait!
I know it’s hard but, God is never late
Don’t follow your feelings’wait!
Just follow HIS Will and’… wait!
Girl, serve the Lord and don’t anticipate.


Lecrae – Wait 🎧🎧

PhotoCredit : GoogleImages.


15th September 2016, I slouched in my chair as I watched my grandfather writhe in pain on a mat in his room, unable to move his head and legs without a click being heard. As old as He was, his vision failed him that he had to hear a voice before he recognized anyone who entered his room; eyes that could cleave ripe cocoa pods at a glance. He looked so frail with rife wrinkles that marked his advanced age. His face wrinkled even more with any smile he tried.
He coughed incessantly with deep rales resounding from his chest that he had to expectorate after every minute before the coughing ceased. He still had his pleasant wit and good humour even when his memory kept deteriorating gradually. They say as you get older, your secrets are safe with your friends, because they usually can’t remember them. Grandpa’s memory was not so bad for his age.
I went back in time to remember the hugs and blessings he showered on me anytime he visited, to the giggling darts I engaged in anytime I was caught playing Space Impact on his Nokia 3310. God bless you Grandpa! It is my prayer God grants you the strength to endure this span of senility.
Grandma’s was next, the visible signs of aging were so remarkable; the wrinkles advanced with each passing second. She kept substituting our names that she had to be reminded each time before our eardrums clicked with the reverberation of our names. Hair that was totally black a decade ago, greyed with the breeze of air, however her good cooking did not grow dim. The first thing she made me aware every time was her blood pressure before any welcome was offered, to which I always responded to with a ‘thumbs up’ and a smile. I remember how she cached every coin of hers in a knot she made with her cloth. The proverbial tongue-lashings I got anytime I did something wrong nursed me in the right way.
I then ask myself, why do we age at all?
When it comes to aging and aging right, most of us already know what we need to do: eat right, get a good night sleep and adequate rest, keep a positive mind set and exercise. But do we know the number of years we have until we leave this world?
The reason why we age and why some people age faster than others still remains a mystery. Possibly an interaction between our genes and the environment but I fail to comprehend why some babies in spite of how young they are still look like grandparents when born. From the deep forehead creases they display to the wrinkled skin and apprehensive faces they yield.
Feeling old my Dad would say is a state of mind when he takes that hour walk on a Saturday morning in his boots after sweating heavily. I have realized people improve with age; we grow in value and become useful to the world in the daily grinds done, to helping humanity by smiling and being friendly.
Aging does not have to be a dreadful thing. Youth may have desirable traits but age has experience and wisdom. As the number of birthdays we celebrate increase in number we begin to understand life by visualizing the world through a wider aperture. The world has never been, and probably will never be perfect but we can effect the little change we can in any possible way; “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world”. Making others happy rewards us in unimaginable ways.
This then is what pleases God, not the outer beauty but the inner beauty of the soul. The beautiful hearts some people have is just amazing! It is important to generate a good attitude and a good heart because people assess the true value of a person by the condition of the heart.
It’s my prayer He fills me with the peace to age gracefully… to accept myself for who I am, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can. Take the time every day to be grateful, thankful for everything that you have, you can always have more but you could also have had less.
Most people don’t grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honour their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity, what that is, is aging.” – Maya Angelou
God bless you!